It was 1929, at the start of the Great Depression, when Frank Duffy began selling "Duffys' Delicious Drinks" out of his truck in Denver.

Frank was a true American innovator. His "30-30" mixer may be the first "energy" drink ever, and he was one of the first to offer the "king size" 12-ounce bottle. By the 1960's, the Duffy's Elf was everywhere, and Duffys' was selling a million cases of pop a year!

When Frank died, his original recipes were lost. Years later, when a LoDo warehouse was demolished, a mysterious safe was found.

Like something right off the big screen, the safe was cracked open on its rusty hinges to reveal... Baby Doe's tell-all diaries? Butch Cassidy's stolen gold? Nope. Real treasure: Frank Duffy's original soda pop recipes!

Today, thirsty people everywhere are once again enjoying Duffy's original recipe Rowdy Root Beer and Lime Rickey, made with  caffeine, pure cane sugar and yep, even Frank's misplaced apostrophe!

Ask for all Duffy's original flavors at you favorite store restaurant and lounge, today!